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Human resource is the basis of development of a enterprise. HR management is what Chengyou hold dear in its development. With surging economic globalization and technology revolution, human resource plays a decisive role in business competition, and has become the most important strategic resource. Being faced with intensive market competition and HR competition, it is imperative for Chengyou to enhance and improve HR management in order to take initiatives to gain advantages and strength. HR management is also a must for building a international modern enterprise and achieving rapid, sustainable and sound growth.

The basic principle of HR management of Chengyou

We will hold high Deng Xiaoping theory and Three Represent mentality, act on scientific development comprehensively, and adhere to the principle of relocating human resources with market, and people oriented mentality. We will carry out the strategy of prosperity by human resource, with HR management as the core of our enterprise management, innovation of HR machnism as the impetus, streamlining HR structure as the main focus, nurturing high level human resource as the key, and HR incentives as the key point. We will keep a close eye on the procedures of nurturing, attraction and using of human resources, step up the establishment of management, technology, and processing human resource, and work hard to attract talented people to the course of building a international modern enterprise, serving the rapid, sustainable, and sound development of Chengyou Co.

Major measures of HR management of Chengyou

1. Scientific formulating of HR strategy. We will stand on the strategy of building a international modern enterprise, research on current HR management situation, sort out strength and weakness in terms of enrollment, allocation, using, nurturing, encouraging, management, and institutional structure. We will formulate scientific human resource strategy, set precise focus of HR management, and take systematic measures to promote HR related work.

2. Enhance HR training. We do mental education earnestly, and bring every staff the Chengyou spirit of hard working, honesty, and innovation. We will attach great importance to HR training. As for managers, we will focus on improving their leading, management, implementation ability, and law awareness. For technologists, we will be committed to improving their technology level, innovation and actual problem solving ability. For processing agents, we will improve their skills, and ability of controlling large modern equipment. We will keep focus on training of high level professionals in order to have large number of management elites, technology experts, and technical workers, building advantages for Chengyou. We will establish training system for staff, and implement training model of different levels. We will formulate annual training plan and mid term and long term training plan according to needs of operation and long term development.

3. Better HR judging system. We will set a scientific and practical judging system, with achievement as the core, ability testing as focus, staff content as the basis. We will make hard working, sense of responsibility, thinking big, and cooperation as basic factors of HR judgement. Meanwhile, diversified judgement will be implemented according to different position. For technology professionals, especially technology director, technology level, problem solving ability, innovation will be judged as focal point. For processing professionals, processing ability and duty accomplishment situation. We will put achievement on an outstanding position, and regard it as the important factor in judging staff's ability, contribution. 

Our course needs talents to put forward development. Chengyou will use human resource as the first resource to boost its development. We will further refresh our mentality, go with the time, and boost innovation in the course of building a strong enterprise with talents.